TARABAS – Das Neue Land

TARABAS – Das Neue Land

Origin: Germany
Genre: Epic Death Metal Pagan Black Metal
Label: Trollzorn - SMP Records
Year: 2010

The second album of this German pagan black / death metal band is out. Tarabas were formed in 2004 and in 2007 they released their debut album “Aus Alter Zeit” with the German label Trollzorn. Three years later they return with a new full-length album “Das Neue Land” again by Trollzorn, offering their fans 75 minutes of music!

Tarabas is a band that plays typical melodic pagan metal, with an epic black / death metal approach (mostly death though). The have a very solid and full sound, under a very good production. The 12 songs of this long album are mainly in mid tempo, except a few faster parts. Their music is totally based on the guitar lines and there are no keyboards (with a few exceptions). Except for the epic pagan riffing, the electric guitars often become quite melodic and they also use acoustic ones, as well as a few folk instruments here and there (whistle). Vocals are typical epic brutal death metal ones, but they also use choirs in some refrains and a few clean epic male vocals. It is obvious that the band has worked a lot on their sound and spent much time composing all these riffs, but they managed to create a very good album. I believe though, it would be more interesting if they explored a little more these few folk elements and especially the nice melodic parts with the clean vocals. Of course that’s only a matter of personal taste, because otherwise they are great at the music they choose to play. All of their epic pagan related lyrics are in German and you can find them in their extended 16-page booklet.

Das Neue Land” is an album that fans of the genre will appreciate, both for its quality and sound. Tarabas have worked a lot and improved their sound since their debut, but I believe they can make better things in the future, especially if they focus on a more personal and characteristic style. It is released in a nice digipak version, as well as in a limited to 111 pieces metal box version that contains also the band’s t-shirt. You can listen to their music here following the links below.


Rating:  (8/10)

Tarabas @ Facebook
Tarabas @ MySpace

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