NINE TREASURES - Galloping White Horse

Chinese folk metal band Nine Treasures from Inner Mongolia has released today, on January 13th 2015 its new EP, entitled “Galloping White Horse“. It is a digital only release, available in their official Bandcamp page, including 5 tracks. The first song is “Galloping White Horse“, which was released as single in December 2014. The second track “Through Pain” is a new composition, while the EP also includes 3 lives tracks. Nine Treasures were formed in 2010 and have released 2 full-length albums so far, “Arvan Ald Guulin Hunshoor” in 2012 and “Nine Treasures” in 2013. During 2014, the band gained a lot of experience and made significant improvements in live performance and songwriting. This new EP is characterized by its refined compositions and beautiful rhythms, that perfectly reflect the band’s maturation.

1. Galloping White Horse – 03:28
2. Through Pain – 03:45
3. Nuutshai Chadal (Live) – 05:25
4. Nomin Dalai (Live) – 03:54
5. Arvan Ald Guulin Honshoor (Live) – 04:40

Nine Treasures @ Facebook
Nine Treasures @ Twitter
Nine Treasures @ Bandcamp
Nine Treasures @ Douban


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