FUROR GALLICO unveil upcoming album details

FUROR GALLICO - Songs from the Earth

Italian folk metallers Furor Gallico from Monza will release their second full-length album on February 17th, 2015 via Scarlet Records. Entitled “Songs from the Earth“, the new album comes almost 5 years after their wonderful self-titled debut album from 2010. The new album sees the band exploring many different musical landscapes, being rooted in the evocative folk metal they are known for, but going way beyond it. “Songs from the Earth” offers 9 brand new songs infused with passion and sweat, recorded at Metropolis Recording Studio – Milano (Depeche Mode, PFM Premiata Forneria Marconi – Official) in Milan, Italy and mixed/mastered by Alex Azzali at Alpha Omega Studio (Behemoth, Carcass). The cover artwork has been made by Kris Verwimp, while logo, graphics and layouts by Davide Cicalese Graphics.

1. The Song of the Earth
2. Nemàin’s Breath
3. Wild Jig of Beltain
4. La Notte dei Cento Fuochi
5. Diluvio
6. Squass
7. Steam over the Mountain
8. To the End
9. Eremita

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