OMELA reveal new album details

OMELA - Amalgam of Shadows

Russian progressive folk rock / doom metal band Омела (Omela) from Moscow will release its third full-length album “Амальгама Теней – Amalgam of Shadows” on February 21, 2015 via Ailano-Studio. Омела was formed in 2008 by rock-musician and vocalist Sergey Abramov (ex-Butterfly Temple). The style of Омела’s music can be described as a mid-tempo progressive rock, in which doom riffs and folk themes are combined into a single musical stream. After the 4-way split “Эффект бабочки” with  Butterfly Temple, Невидь and Путь Солнца, the band released its debut full-length album “Viscum Album” in 2009 via Ailano-Studio. The album got very positive feedback and 2 years later, in 2011, their second full-length “Aura” was out. Their new album “Амальгама Теней” will be soon released, but you can already listen to it on the band’s mobile app for android.

1. Разлука (Parting)
2. Иней (White Frost)
3. Зимняя ягода (Winter Berry) feat. Ксения Маркевич
4. Восхождение (Climb)
5. Мельница (Mill)
6. Суховей (Firewind)
7. Амальгама Tеней (Amalgam of Shadows)
8. Верба (Willow)

Sergey Abramov – vocals, electroacoustic guitar
Alex Makartsev – guitar
Feodor Vetrov – viola
Alex Goryanchikov – flute
Alex Nikolaev – keyboards
Nik Kuzmenko – bass guitar
Nail Magzhanov – drums and percussion
Producer / director: Alex Kubalov

Omela official page
Omela @ Facebook
Omela @ VK


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