SYN ZE SASE TRI unveil upcoming album details

SYN ZE SASE TRI - Stapin Peste Stapini

Epic Transylvanian grandiose black metal outfit Syn Ze Șase Tri from Romania is gearing up to release a new album on February 2015 via Code666, a sub-label of Aural Music Group. It is entitled “Stăpîn Peste Stăpîni” and will be the third and final chapter of the trilogy started with the debut album “Intre Doua Lumii” in 2011 and developed during the second opus titled “Sub Semnul Lupului” in 2012. This third full-length album was mixed and mastered by Paso at Studio73 in Ravenna, Italy. The band had the help of many guest musicians in this work from other Romanian bands, like Trooper, Bucovina, Argus Megere, Prohod and others. Syn Ze Șase Tri has just unveiled the epic artwork by Jan Yrlund for Darkgrove Design, as well as the album tracklist. A video teaser trailer for the album will be unveiled soon. “Stăpîn Peste Stăpîni” will be released on February 27th, 2015 in a deluxe digipak edition CD and is already available in their label’s webstore.

1. Din Miez de Munte
2. Strajerul Timpului
3. A Vremii Rinduiala
4. Trecerea Mistica
5. Al Din Ochi de Apa
6. In Gerul Iadului
7. Stapin Peste Stapini
8. Faurul Muntilor
9. Scrijelit in Piatra
10. Rascrucea Timpului

Corb – vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, mandolin, percussion, traditional instruments
Lycan – vocals
Hultan – bass
Urmuz – electric guitars, backing vocals
Putrid – drums, percussion, backing vocals

Special guests on this album:
Coiotu’ (Trooper) – vocals on “Al Din Ochi de Apa” and “Faurul Muntilor
Bogdan Luparu (Bucovina) – vocals on “A Vremii Rinduiala
Manuel Giugula (ex-Bucovina, ex-God) – choirs and choir arrangements on “A Vremii Rinduiala
Ageru Pamantului (Argus Megere) – vocals on “Rascrucea Timpului
Iulia Szabo (Timisoara Opera) – vocals on “Scrijelit in Piatra
Andrei Oltean (Prohod) – bagpipes on “Stapin Peste Stapini
Gabi Almasi – theremin

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