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Russian symphonic pagan black metallers WelicoRuss are releasing their brand new album “Аз Eсмь – Az Esm” on the 31st of January 2015. The band has left Russia and moved to Europe, trying to captivate the same fame as they have done in Russia. These cold Siberian Vikings are now located in the heart of Europe (Czech Republic) with a new international line-up. Alexey Boganov, who is the band’s founder, main composer and vocalist, has added 3 new members to the band: David Urban from Czech Republic on drums, Dmitriy Zhikharevich from Russia on bass and Gojko Marić from Serbia on guitars. Together with the new album, the band will also release a brand new video clip entitled after the album “Аз Eсмь“, which in ancient Russian means “I Am“. WelicoRuss have already released two video clips for the tracks “Sons of the North“ and “Kharnha“, both from the upcoming album, so you can get a first taste of what’s to come. Cover artwork and album tracklist are also revealed.

1. Интро (Intro)
2. Аз Eсмь (Az Esm’)
3. Голос Tысячелетия (Voice of Millennium)
4. Сыны Cевера (Sons of the North)
5. Волошба (Woloshba)
6. Огни Pодных Земель (Fires of the Native Lands)
7. Мост Hадежды (Bridge of Hope)
8. Дольмен (Dolmen)
9. Карна (Kharnha)
10. Осколки (Fragments)
11. Аутсайдер (Outsider)
12. Аз Eсмь – Эпилог (Az Esm’ – Epilogue)

Besides the news for the upcoming release, the band has also been playing around Europe in 2014 and even managed to play live with bands like Enisferum, Arkona, Haggard, Alestorm, Amaranthe, Rhapsody, Dream Evil, Crucified Babara, Destruction (Ger) etc. They are planning many more concerts and touring in 2015, so you better watch their official pages for tour dates.

WelicoRuss official page
WelicoRuss @ Facebook
WelicoRuss @ VK
WelicoRuss @ Twitter
WelicoRuss @ Bandcamp


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