SIGNS OF DARKNESS unveil new album details

SIGNS OF DARKNESS - The Age of Decay

Belgian epic melodic black metal band Signs of Darkness and their label Shiver Records have set March 27th of 2015 as the release-date for the band’s upcoming album entitled “The Age of Decay“. It is the band’s fourth full length album since its formation in 1995. Its predecessor “Apostate” was independently released in 2011 and featured the band’s trademark epic riffs, furious blastbeats and haunting lyrics. “The Age of Decay” was recorded at Artsounds Studios in Helchteren with producer and band-member Peter Vaes. Signs of Darkness had the following to say: “The period during which this album was created was very intense.The songwriting, lyrical contents and also the artwork were designed in a close cooperation between all the band-members. The atmosphere was strong which is also the reason why we wanted to finish the recordings, mixing and mastering by ourselves. Be prepared for total mayhem!

The artwork was taken care of by Marc at ArtWars Mediadesign (Sinister, Master, Lifeless). He has the following to say about the cover of “The Age of Decay“: “Working with Signs of Darkness was quite interesting because it was the first time I worked with a black metal band. Their ideas on the artwork were quite appealing and challenging. It was a lot of fun working on the cover and layout. I really like their album and they are cool guys. Check ´em out in any case!!!

1. The Rise of Serpents
2. The Age of Decay
3. Suffer the Cold
4. Clouds Over Your Masada
5. Sin
6. Amidst the Fog
7. The Sound of a Desolate Winter
8. Terra Nullius
9. Like Flies on Your Coffin
10. The Lazarus Syndrome
11. The Circle of Serpents

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