OCTOBER FALLS – A Collapse of Faith

OCTOBER FALLS – A Collapse of Faith

Origin: Finland
Genre: Folk Acoustic Pagan Black Metal
Label: Debemur Morti Productions
Year: 2010

October Falls is a very interesting Finnish band, formed in 2001. They began as the personal project of M. Lehto, who still composes all music, but now some new members are added in the group. In the beginning the band played acoustic nature music, very similar to Empyrium, but later they added pagan black metal elements in their music and influences from Katatonia, Opeth and Agalloch. The band released 3 EPs and 2 full-length albums so far, 3 of them acoustic and 2 of them metal. They use two different logos in their albums, a “square” one for the acoustic releases and a “cyclic” one for the metal ones.

Their new work “A Collapse of Faith” belongs to their “metal” releases and is one of the best (if not the best) of the band. It’s their most balanced work where their dark melancholic black metal is in perfect harmony with their acoustic elements. There are only 3 songs in the album, but the first two are 18 minutes long each! So, as expected, their structure isn’t the typical one and there many changes inside the songs. Even if there are no catchy refrains or easy to memorize parts, October Falls create a very beautiful album. The songs avoid repetition by their variety in styles and orchestration, but at the same time they remain very solid and tight. The lead guitars have some “warm” melodies that break the melancholy of their overall atmosphere and this contradiction works perfectly in their compositions. Their production is much improved and they are coming closer to a more mainstream approach, without ruining the primitive pagan / nature feeling of their music. Especially the parts where acoustic guitars are mixed with the metal instruments are really wonderful. Lehto’s vocals are moving in the typical black metal style of this genre, not very extreme, but very emotional with an interesting warmth hiding behind his raging desperate screams. The lyrics are all in English, dealing with pagan themes, seen through a more poetic and abstract eye…

I believe that “A Collapse of Faith” is October Falls’ most complete work and the perfect album for someone who doesn’t know them to start. It is released by Debemur Morti Productions in a beautiful 6-panel digifile edition with band’s logo embossed in it (but hardly visible). You can get a taste of their music on the links below.


Rating:  (8,5/10)

October Falls @ Facebook

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