IYMRYA reveal upcoming album details

IYMRYA - Nameless King

Epic atmospheric dark ambient band Iymrya from Persia will soon release its third work, the full-length album “Nameless King“. The album will be released physically on CD firstly on Persia (Iran) and then in Europe, hopefully on April 2015. Iymrya, the personal project of A.R.A Elyad aka “Iymyr”, combine elements from Neoclassical, dark ambient, darkwave and dark folk with epic atmospheres, influenced by Medieval, fantasy, gloomy and horror tales. The band has released the debut album “Tale of Fallen Throne” in 2012 and “The Untold Tales” EP in 2013. They are currently in search for a label for their new album. Cover artwork and tracklist of ”Nameless King” are already unveiled, together with a video teaser that gives us a first taste of what’s to come.

1. Land of Ancient Secrets (Intro)
2. The Storm of Howling Arrows                        
3. The Gathering
4. Emerging from Shadow
5. Two Swords
6. Faith & Steel
7. Warden of the East
8. The Field of Sorrows
9. A Dream from Ruined Kingdom
10. The Wheel of Fate

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