ELFFOR – Frostbitten Pain

ELFFOR – Frostbitten Pain

Origin: Spain
Genre: Melodic Black Metal Pagan Black Metal
Label: Self Released
Year: 2010

Elffor is the personal project of Eöl and it begun back on 1995. It was 1998 when Elffor released their first album “Into the Dark Forest…”. After that, three more albums followed, “Son of the Shades” in 2002, “From the Throne of Hate” in 2004 and “The Unblessed Woods” in 2006, all of them self-released by Eöl. After their 4th album, the German label Northern Silence decided to re-release their first albums and so far they released their 3 first works, with different artwork and some extras. Now the band finally releases its 5th album “Frostbitten Pain” again on its own.

Their music is epic melodic synth-based black metal with some ambient influences, mostly in the first album. There are 5 long songs in this album, all of them in slow tempo, with many keyboards that dominate their music. In order to get a first idea, they sound like a more melodic version of Graveland, but with a personal sound. Compared to the previous albums, I think this one is less Tolkien / fantasy oriented and it has a more epic pagan approach. They still of course retain this magical medieval atmosphere they introduced in their previous works. The production is improved, but I think it can get even more powerful and clear in the future… Anyway they are moving forward from album to album, something that raises my expectations! The vocals are various, from typical black metal, crying mournings, haunting shrieking screams, some spoken vocals and a few guest female ones by Hildr Valkyrie. The songs sound now more solid, with less ambient parts and much more work in the songwriting. There are great melodies in the compositions and for me the second and fourth song “Instinct’s Enslavement” and “Chaos Moon” stand out from the album. My only concern is that there are a few “weaker” parts in the songs and some repetition that keeps “Frostbitten Pain” from something bigger.

Elffor are not offering something totally new, but they are very good at what they play. Fans of bands like late Graveland, Lord Wind and Summoning should definitely check them. The album is released by the band in a beautiful digipak limited to 500 copies, but it has surprisingly good distribution, so it won’t be difficult to find it. You can get a taste of their music in the links.


Rating:  (8/10)

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