URUK-HAI released new album

URUK-HAI - Elbenstahl

Tolkien based fantasy ambient metal band Uruk-Hai from Austria, the personal project of Hugin (Alexander Wieser), is back with a new work. It is the full-length album “Elbenstahl“, officially released on January 22nd 2015 via Metallic Media in USA in a regular jewel-case edition CD with a 4-page booklet, limited to 500 copies. Cover photos and design is by Alex himself, while the “Orc” painting inside the booklet is by Ruta Silders. The album was recorded between 2013 and 2014 at W.A.R. Studio. The band follows its characteristic style of epic ambient fantasy music, combined with electronic elements and few distorted guitars, remains of Alex’s early black metal experiments. Except for some background choirs, “Elbenstahl” is practically an instrumental album that will most probably satisfy the fans of this genre.

1. Blessed Realm                   
2. Shadow Dance
3. Return of the Fallen Warriors
4. Magic
5. At the Heart of the Forest
6. Elbisch Blut
7. Western Shores
8. The Orc
9. The Golden Age of Gondor
10. The Ash Mountains
11. The Orc (Pt 2)
12. Dark Shadows (Outro)

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