KRES reveal debut album details

KRES - Na krawedziach nocy

Polish atmospheric pagan black metal band Kres has announced that its debut full-length album will be out on the day of spring equinox, that is 21st March 2015 via Werewolf Promotion. The band is formed by members of pagan metallers Stworz and doom pagan metal band Fall. Title of the album is “Na krawędziach nocy“, which can be translated as “On the Verges of Night“. The album will include 7 tracks with a total duration around 40 minutes. It will be initially released in a standard jewel-case CD edition, while a future tape released is also planned. Kres have already revealed the album tracklist and the cover artwork.

1. Przedświt (Before Dawn)
2. By ubiec zmierzch (To Eve the Dusk)                     
3. Na krawędziach nocy (On the Verges of Night)
4. Znikąd donikąd (From Nowhere to Nowhere)
5. Portret nieświadomości (The Portrait of Unconsciousness)
6. Pogodzony (Reconciled)
7. W bieli (In the White)

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