SLAVLAND – Lechita

SLAVLAND – Lechita

Origin: Poland
Genre: Folk Black Metal Pagan Black Metal
Label: Eastside Records
Year: 2009

Slavland is the personal band of Belzagor (Lugburz, Swarost, Moonrise) from Poland. He formed them in 2001 and since then he has released 7 full-length albums! “Lechita” is his last work and it is released like most of his latest albums by the Polish label Eastside Records.

Slavland’s music has always been pagan folk black metal. They definitely belong in the underground scene, since they have a very raw sound. Of course through the years their sound evolved and the production is getting much better. Belzagor does everything in this album, except for drums, played by the guest member Mantus. And we are not talking only about the typical metal instruments, but he also sings and performs many traditional and acoustic instruments. He actually is quite talented and he creates beautiful music, especially in the folk melodies. Flutes, whistles, bagpipes, acoustic guitars and other folk instruments are combined with raw pagan black metal, more melodic compared to his early albums. Technically Slavland need much more work, especially in the production of the metal parts. Acoustic parts are very good. What are really weak in Slavland’s music are the clean vocals! They sound to me completely out of tune and they ruin a lot of the beautiful music. At least in this album they are reduced compared to the previous one. I suggest either to remove them at all, or to get a guest singer. Anyway, despite the technical flaws, I always liked their music, since I find “honesty” in their songs. They seem to come directly from Belzagor’s heart, like he had really lived in a pagan past and he is sharing his memories with us. Of course all of the lyrics are in his native language, dealing with pagan themes.

If you are fan of underground folk pagan black metal, you will probably know Slavland. If you don’t know them and you like this kind of music and especially eastern bands (from Poland, Ukraine, etc) you should check them. For me this is their best work so far, but most of their recent albums are also at a very good level. In their myspace page you can find some songs from various albums, including “Lechita”.


Rating:  (7/10)

Slavland @ Facebook
Slavland @ Myspace

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