Origin: Greece
Genre: Occult Black Metal
Label: Dark Side Records
Year: 2010

The second full-length album from this productive Hellenic black band is out. They were formed in 2007 and since then they have already 2 albums and 3 split releases. Their debut album “Tat Tvam Asi (Universal Omniscience)” in 2007 left very positive impressions and I was eager to listen to their new work.

In my opinion this album is very different from their debut. It has a more “direct” black metal approach with a much more limited use of synths. In the previous album it was the keyboards that carried out most melodies and atmospheric passages. This time guitars have a very dominant role in Acherontas music. First of all the production is improved and their sound isn’t as raw as it was in their debut. So guitars and bass sound clearer and they are not merged into “one”. The work on riffs and melodic guitar lines is truly remarkable, both in quality and variety, revealing a lot of work behind this album. Fast melodic riffing, rhythmic guitars, acoustic guitars and bass are combined in many different ways in this album keeping the listener always interested. The tempo and style of the songs also vary, from fast aggressive black metal, to atmospheric metal and acoustic / ambient / soundtrack parts, all of them under the band’s occult atmosphere. V.P.9 Acherontas’ vocals are also improved and they are more expressive and “mature”, like the overall sound of the band. Their lyrics and philosophy haven’t changed in general, except that this time they have a more dark vampiric approach without the Sumerian elements they had in their debut. The philosophy behind the band dwells in the core of philosophies of Hekal Tiamat. Also many occult elements in lyrics leads to left hand path black arts as alchemy, Kabalah and necromantical sorcery… Some of the lyrics come from the “Temple of the Vampire”, like the great translation into ancient Hellenic in the song “Legacy of Tiamat”, a slow dark atmospheric track, my favorite of the album.

Theosis” is a very good work and Acherontas seem to have balanced their influences into a more solid sound. I believe though that it would be in favor of the band if the album was a little shorter (it’s almost one hour long) focusing on their best ideas and avoiding some repetition. Anyway I am not complaining; it’s just that the band has raised our expectations a lot! The album is released by Dark Side Records in a digipak version and in a limited A5 digibook version, as well as in a double gatefold vinyl. You can visit their myspace and Facebook pages to get a taste from all of their works.


Rating:  (8,5/10)

Acherontas @ Facebook
Acherontas @ MySpace

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