LLVME – Fogeira de Sueños

LLVME – Fogeira de Sueños

Origin: Spain
Genre: Doom Metal Folk Black Metal Folk Death Metal
Label: My Kingdom Music
Year: 2010

Llvme is a newly formed band from Salamanca, Spain. They exist from 2007, when Nandu, keyboard player of the black metal band Chaotic Hope, decided to create a new band. After the split-up of Chaotic Hope, two of their members joined the band, together with a new guitarist. The new band follows a quite different path from the fast epic black metal style of Chaotic Hope. “Fogeira de Sueños” is their debut album and it was released on April of 2010. They recently got a fifth member, the guitarist Eric from the folk band Elfic.

One thing for sure is that Llvme (“fire” in Leonese language) have a very personal approach and a much different sound from most bands in the folk black metal genre. And this is mainly because the base of their music is doom death metal. So it has a relatively slow and heavy tempo. Of course they also play black metal, adding folk instruments (mainly bagpipes) and beautiful Celtic melodies in their music, as well as violins (from guest members) that create a sad atmosphere. I can also listen to some instrumental progressive metal elements in their music, especially in the second song “Llumeiru De Fueu” which is my favorite! The songwriting is quite complex, since the band has to “marry” all of these different styles and they do it very skillfully. I have to admit though, that I prefer their more folk melodic moments, rather than the slow death metal parts, but that’s only a matter of personal taste. On the other hand though, maybe it is these “unmelodic” parts and the contradiction that help the melodic parts sound even better… Of course there are some great moments in the doom parts, with weird unusual melodies, resulting in a very dark, almost “suffocating” atmosphere. They also use synths in the background with an ambient touch that enrich their sound. The vocals, depending on the music, are either black or death, while there are also a few clean folk ones. The production is satisfying, serving the music for now, but it’s definitely improvable. Their lyrics are inspired by the powers of fire and are written in Leonese language, the native dialect of the Spanish region of Kingdom of Leon, homeland of the band members.

Overal “Fogeira de Sueños” is a very interesting debut album, from a band that seems able to build a strong personal sound. There are really good moments in the songs and I believe they can become even better in the future, especially if they create a more balanced sound, without so many changes between the different genres they play. I think that with more work in the production it’s an easy issue for them to solve. The album is released by the Italian label My Kingdom Music and you can check Llvme’s music in the links below.


Rating:  (8/10)

Llvme @ Facebook
Llvme @ MySpace

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