WILDERUN unveil upcoming album details

WILDERUN - Sleep at the Edge of the Earth

Symphonic folk metallers Wilderun from USA have revealed the first details of their upcoming album “Sleep at the Edge of the Earth“. It is the second full-length for the band after the 2012 debut album “Olden Tales & Deathly Trails“. The new album will be self-released by the band with the help of its fans, after a successful kickstarter campaign. The official release date of ”Sleep at the Edge of the Earth” is set for the 7th of April 2015 and it will be available both in digital format and in physical CD. Wilderun have already unveiled the album tracklist, the cover artwork with Alissa Müller’s photo and a short teaser that you can watch below.

1. Dust and Crooked Thoughts
2. And so Opens the Earth (Ash Memory Part I)         
3. Hope and Shadow (Ash Memory Part II)
4. Bite the Wound (Ash Memory Part III)
5. The Faintest Echo (Ash Memory Part IV)
6. The Garden of Fire
7. Linger
8. The Means to Preserve
9. Sleep at the Edge of the Earth

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Wilderun @ Bandcamp


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