WILL OF HATRED debut album is out

WILL OF HATRED - Infinite Triumph's Preface

Russian symphonic black metal project Will of Hatred has recently released its long-awaited debut album, entitled “Infinite Triumph’s Preface” via MSR Productions in digipak CD edition. Will of Hatred is the solo-project of Damiena (the creator of Will of Hatred, vocalist and leader). Music of Will of Hatred may be characterized as symphonic black metal, decorated with elements of classical music and magnificent combination of extreme vocal techniques (growling / screaming) and clean vocals. Lyrics of the project are based on dark fantasy themes with philosophical points, written in high-literary style. Every song from “Infinite Triumph’s Preface” is followed by excellent artworks, based on photos where Damiena takes part as a model. Will of Hatred has a unique and remarkable style and its music is not only for black metal fans.

1. Chant of Vengeance
2. Aversion and Bliss
3. Legacy
4. Transcendental Farewell
5. Under My Spell
6. Flickering Wings

Will of Hatred @ Facebook
Will of Hatred @ VK


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