ADOR DORATH – The Very Essence of Fire

ADOR DORATH - The Very Essence of Fire

Origin: Czech Republic
Genre: Electronic Melodic Death Metal Symphonic Black Metal
Label: Shindy Productions
Year: 2014

Czech symphonic black metallers Ador Dorath from Český Těšín are back with their new album, entitled “The Very Essence of Fire“. It is the 4th full-length album for the band, coming 6 years after their previous masterpiece “Bestiari” from 2008. Ador Dorath were formed back in 1997 and after several line-up changes they released the very promising debut “Adon Nin Edeleth Ador Dorath” in 2002. Their second album “Symbols” was out in 2005 and 3 years later they released their 3rd album “Bestiari“, where everything sounded much more professional and technical. Finally, after the long silence, “The Very Essence of Fire” was officially released on November 7th 2014, via Shindy Productions, the Czech label that has released all their previous works too.

Since its beginning, Ador Dorath’s music was rooted in symphonic black metal. The band however revealed a quite experimental mood, always trying to enrich and evolve its sound, adding new elements with each release. So they have experimented with typical symphonic black metal, operatic female-fronted symphonic metal, Gothic melodic metal, atmospheric non-metal music and electronic music among others. Their previous album was maybe their most balanced work do far, managing to merge all their influences in a quite solid result. In all 3 albums, Ador Dorath had many female operatic vocals. “The Very Essence of Fire” was initially intended to be only in “male” line-up, but the band changed its mind soon. They decided to cooperate once again with their past female vocalist Lenka Machová, who was the singer of their first two album and did both cover artworks too! In the new album she participates as a guest soprano singer (since she now resides in France) in 6 of the songs and she has also done part of the lyrics and the artwork of the album.

The Very Essence of Fire” includes 13 songs, lasting for a little over 53 minutes. The band has continued to improve its songwriting, being even more complex and technical, with a very professional production and a stunning crystal clear sound. They experiment with more music genres, yet the overall result sounds more solid and tight than ever before. They have added many elements of electronic music in their songs, while their sound is now deeper and heavier with influences from melodic death metal, both in the vocals and guitar riffs. I think that the best way to describe their new sound is extreme symphonic electronic metal. Their orchestrations are very rich and all musicians seem very skilled. Martin Roženek does an impressive work in the synths, with a really versatile playing, moving from symphonic parts, to electronic Goth beats and from avantgarde piano passages to accompanying melodic background layers, in perfect balance / respect to the powerful melodic guitars by Kamil Pfeffer. Both of them, together with their singer Ivo Doseděl, are in the band since the beginning, so the chemistry between them has become perfect. Coming to the vocals now, Ivo does his most complete and mature performance ever, moving from passionate black metal screams to brutal death metal growls, deep “Gothic” vocals and atmospheric spoken parts, constantly changing from one style to the other. The contrast with Lenka’s operatic vocals is wonderful. Her melodic enchanting voice combines the strict classical singing style with a warmer, yet somehow sad, emotional vocal color, delivering by far the most interesting female vocals the band ever had. All of their lyrics are in English, dealing with existential and philosophical themes, seen often through a prism of symbolism…

Ador Dorath are back with a really impressive album, totally recommended to fans of symphonic black death metal who’d like an electronic “Gothic” twist in the sound. Now that the band has perfected its sound, I think they have to work even harder on the compositions, in order to create something exceptional in the quite overcrowded symphonic metal genre. “The Very Essence of Fire” is released via Shindy Productions in a deluxe digipak CD edition, with a 36X36cm two-sided poster, folded into a 18-page booklet. In one side there is a band poster, while the other side includes all the lyrics. Original painting and drawings are by Lenka Machová, while the graphic design is by Marek Frodys Pytlik. You can follow the band’s official pages below for more details about this interesting release.


Rating:  (8,5/10)

Ador Dorath official page
Ador Dorath @ Facebook


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