KANSEIL reveal upcoming album details

KANSEIL - Doin Earde

Italian folk metallers Kanseil have just revealed some details of their first full-length album that will be out on April 2015 via the Irish label Nemeton Records. The album will be entitled “Doin Earde” (Your Land) and it contains 11 tracks, which are the result of almost 3 years of hard work and improvement! “Doin Earde” has been recorded, mixed and mastered between February and March 2015 by Christian Zecchin in Zeta Production’s studio in Vicenza. The band members state that “Doin Earde means “Your Land”, our land, that’s our first source of inspiration and pride for our culture, our mountains, our tradition, and our history, that have so much to teach us, and they aren’t just part of our past, but our future too. Doin Earde brings a message direct to everyone, who’s curious to discover our old and recent music, so they can rediscover a heritage that’s going to get lost. To not forget what’s past, to not ignore what’s present“. Kanseil have revealed the album tracklist and unveiled the front cover artwork, designed by Emil Valentini (Blut Tanzt). Photography and graphics are by Ettore Avalernon Garbellotto.

1. Lo Spirito della Notte
2. Ciada Delàmis
3. Dòin Earde
4. Panevìn
5. Ais un Snea
6. Mažaròl
7. Bus de la Lùm
8. Bosc da Rème
9. Tzimbar Bint
10. La Sera
11. Vajont

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