ASTARIUM reveal upcoming album details

ASTARIUM - Nekrocosmo Nocturnal Kali Yuga

Russian symphonic one-man black metal project Astarium will release its new album “Nekrocosmo: Nocturnal Kali Yuga” on April 17th 2015! It is a co-release between Satanath Records’ sub-label Symbol of Domination and Metallic Media. Astarium was founded in the summer of 2005 in Novosibirsk by its sole member SiN (all guitars, drum programming, keyboards, vocals). “Nekrocosmo: Nocturnal Kali Yuga“, the fifth in a row album Astarium, is a logical continuation of the space trilogy which started last year with the EP “Nekrocosmo: Demiurge” (released by Margin Art Records ‎and Dark East Productions). Stylistically, the material can be described as symphonic black metal of the old school with the rate on the technicality of performance and avant-garde elements. The album included the tracks were written in the period from 2002 to 2014, then there are some things were invented before the birth of the project (10 years ago), and only now getting rethinking, were able to gain the final shape. “Nekrocosmo: Nocturnal Kali Yuga” will be released in 2 editions, 500 copies in jewel-case CD and 100 copies in 4-panel digipak.

1. Lyrian Selection
2. Nemesis
3. Ex Nihilo
4. Enigma (Part I)
5. Dance of the Agony
6. Phaeton
7. Strain of Alastor
8. Back to Katuar

Astarium official page
Astarium @ Facebook
Astarium @ VK


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