MORIQUENDI reveal first details of upcoming album


Atmospheric folk black / dark folk metal band Moriquendi from Lyon, France is unveiling the first details of its upcoming debut full-length album “Kanopëa“. After the digital EP entitled “Nivlennus” in 2013, the band will self-release its new album this year, most probably in Autumn 2015. “Kanopëa” will follow the mystical and mysterious musical universe created by the band some years ago, based on deep and dark atmospheres. This first full-length piece of art will introduce more Celtic and folk elements, to pay tribute to the movement of German Romanticism. Pushed by a stunning artwork by Alexandre Bouteiller – illustration, their visual universe will lead you once again through a thrilling forest, drowned in a baleful mist. Engraved in a secular tree trunk, the lunar circle will take you towards majestic and gloomy horizons… You can visit their official Facebook page following the links below to get a taste of the song “And Falls the Rain…” from the upcoming album.

Moriquendi @ Facebook
Moriquendi @ Bandcamp


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