MORVHEIM release new album

MORVHEIM - Ever After

Canadian cinematic fantasy melodic death metal band Morvheim from Toronto will release on March 31, 2015 its second full-length album, entitled “Ever After“. Orchestrated by R_Freeze, Morvheim is a music project combining melodic death metal with cinematic tunes and fantastical themes. The band was formed in 2013 and next year released its debut full-length album “The Fantasy” digitally. The upcoming album “Ever After” will also be released digitally and it will be available for free download. This 51 minute opus explores much darker and heavier territory than previously tread, while staying true to the variety, atmosphere and catchy melodies which define Morvheim’s sound. “Ever After” features bolder composition and more complex arrangement with a much better production, and while the influences and songwriting remain diverse, there is a more unified sense of distinctness throughout the album. Project leader R_Freeze’s keyboards and guitars blend with the funky bass work of Otis M. (Kibosh, ex-Little Ghost) to create cinematic soundscapes of variable scope and intimacy. Familiar voices from the previous album return, with Thunder XXX and R_Freeze once more on screaming and singing duty. In addition to these Morvheim veterans, new vocalists Maxfield H. and Supreme Footwear join the fray, adding their own distinct interpretations to the music.

1. Oblivion ( 01:48 )
2. Spirits and Demons ( 05:02 )
3. The Unchained ( 05:20 )
4. King of Rats ( 10:55 )
5. Towards Unknown ( 04:02 )
6. Eventide ( 03:03 )
7. Another Earth ( 04:13 )
8. Dragonslayer ( 16:32 )

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Morvheim @ Bandcamp


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