SKIALYKON reveal upcoming debut details

SKIALYKON - Vestigio

Italian atmospheric black metal band Skialykon has recently singed to the German label Naturmacht Productions in order to release its first full-length album, entitled “Vestigio“. It will be out in July 2015, both in standard jewel-case CD and in a limited 6-panel digipak edition. Skialykon is the personal project of Vulr from Reggio Calabria and his debut album “Vestigio” has been composed since 2011 and recorded / mixed during 2013 and 2014 entirely at Vulr’s home. The lyrics revolve around the exaltation of nature’s beauty; gods and creatures are described as guardians of nature and past. All the lyrics are in Italian, while some titles are in Latin and Greek; also the band’s name is in Greek language and means “Wolves’ Shadow”. The reason for those Greek references is related to the strong connection with Magna Graecia, which belongs to the past of the region in which Vulr was born. The wonderful cover artwork is an edited version of a painting by Julius Von Klever, called “Erlkönig” (1887). Apart from the artwork, Skialykon has also revealed the album tracklist.

1. Praeludium ( 2:18 )
2. Suonator Celeste ( 9:26 )
3. Guardiani ( 8:10 )
4. Ode alla Pioggia ( 8:10 )
5. Ceimon Kai Nefos… ( 6:43 )
6. La Morte di Iperborea ( 7:29 )
7. Skotádi ( 1:37 )
8. Ai Tempi di Crono ( 6:00 )
9. Katharsis ( 7:30 )
10. Metempsicosis ( 2:38 )

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