NORRSKÖLD release new EP


Swedish folk black death metallers Norrsköld from Gothenburg have just released their new EP “Ridden“. It is the third release from the band, after the debut EP “Blessings of Winter” in 2013 and the full-length album “Reflections of the Night Sky” in 2014. “Ridden” EP was recorded at Rexius Records in Gothenburg, between January and March 2015, and was mixed and mastered at Studio Crusner. It contains three original Norrsköld songs and a cover of the traditional Swedish folk song “Hårgalåten“. The wonderful cover artwork has been created by Niklas Sundin (Dark Tranquillity / Cabin Fever Media). So far “Ridden” is available only in digital format, but it will also come in CD edition in the near future.

1. Ridden ( 4:40 )            
2. Aerial Fire ( 3:18 )
3. Timeless Gardens ( 3:01 )
4. Hårgalåten ( 3:33 )

Recording line-up:
Henrik Bodin-Sköld: rythm, lead, and acousic guitars, background vocals
Joakim ”Vettfall” Andréasson: rythm and lead guitars, background vocals
Mathias Rexius: bass, synthesizers and background vocals
Adam Rexius: vocals
Robert Isojärvi: drums

Norrsköld official page
Norrsköld @ Facebook
Norrsköld @ Rexius Records


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