SANGDRAGON unveil upcoming album details

SANGDRAGON - Requiem for Apocalypse

Occult symphonic black death metal band Sangdragon from France will release its new album “Requiem for Apocalypse” on May 9th 2015. And while its name is new, Sangdragon is actually a cult band, pioneers of ambient symphonic black metal back in the 90’s, under the name Daemonium at first, renamed to Akhenaton later! This solo project, initiated by Vincent Urbain, sold 37.000 copies between 1994 and 1996 under the Adipocere label, making it one of the best-selling French extreme metal bands, even nowadays. “Requiem for Apocalypse” closes the trilogy under the Sangdragon moniker, 20 years after the first album, under a new, definitely more modern and “metal” aspect, while keeping the epic and ambient touch which was a trademark of the two first offerings!

Four years in the making have been necessary for this ambitious project to see the light, due to the complexity of the orchestrations and the vocals parts (performed by a live choir). Since then, Sangdragon has become a real live band, consisting of excellent musicians (including Nightmare’s guitarist Matthieu Asselberghs), ready to unleash hell on any stage… “Requiem for Apocalypse” is produced by Stéphane Buriez (Loudblast) & Sangdragon, mixed by Edouard Verneret & Vincent Urbain and mastered by Sage Audio Studio (Nashville – USA). The band has unveiled the great artwork by Krantal Infographist, the album tracklist, and two new tracks that can be listened on Sangdragon’s official Bandcamp page, where you can also pre-order the album. ”Requiem for Apocalypse” will be released via Wake Up Dead Records on May 9th 2015 and will be officially distributed by Season of Mist.

Act I – Waterborn (Intro)
Act II – Front of Steel
Act III – Deep Dark… Descent
Act IV – Father of All Kings
Act V – Rotten Inside
Act VI – Back to Dust
Act VII – The Silent Plague
Act VIII – Krakenfyr
Act IX – Thy Foe’s Funeral
Act X – Winged Blade

Sangdragon @ Facebook
Sangdragon @ Bandcamp



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