First details of PERENNIAL ISOLATION’s upcoming album revealed


Atmospheric black metal band Perennial Isolation from Barcelona, Spain will soon release its second full-length album, entitled ”Astral Dream“. It comes one year after their debut album “Conviction of Voidness” from 2014. Their label Darkwoods has just begun the home stretch for the releasing of “Astral Dream“, from which they will reveal dates, different editions, shows, presentation, etc. in the closing days… Today they revealed the album tracklist and the amazing cover of its regular edition on jewel-case CD, one more time by the work and grace of El Dios Perezoso… Keep yourself tuned, the countdown for “Astral Dream” starts today!!

01. Alone Against All             
02. Memory
03. Astral Dream
04. Cold Inside
05. Transcendence
06. Towards the Unknown Senses
07. The Fool
08. A Path Between Space and Time I
09. A Path Between Space and Time II
10. A Path Between Space and Time III

Perennial Isolation @ Facebook
Perennial Isolation @ Bandcamp


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