ERIADOR release new single

ERIADOR - The Dorsal Effect

Chilean progressive folk black metal band Eriador from Santiago has just released the 3-track single “The Dorsal Effect“, which is available for free download in their official Bandcamp page. Eriador have started the recording process of their long awaited debut full-length album “Meditations” a few weeks ago. It will be released in winter 2015 and will be available only in digital format, because they do not work with any label. The single “The Dorsal Effect” is a preview of the upcoming album, showing the band’s gratitude for the patience of their fans. Download links the LP “Meditations” will be made available in the band’s official pages, so stay tuned…

1. The Return ( 03:35 )
2. Dorsal Effect ( 08:30 )                              
3. Archetypes Descending ( 03:45 )

Eriador @ Facebook
Eriador @ Bandcamp


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