ETERNAL NIGHTFALL debut single is out

ETERNAL NIGHTFALL - The Great Tribulation

Eternal Nightfall is a two-piece symphonic black metal band from Yerevan of Armenia. They were founded in the beginning of 2015 by Otto Heinz von Rommel (Arbor Mortis) and Mark Erskine (Temple of Demigod, Ghoulchapel), influenced by many great bands of the genre, such as Emperor, Dimmu Borgir, Anorexia Nervosa, Behemoth, Troll, among others. Eternal Nightfall have already recorded their first single entitled “The Great Tribulation“, which was released digitally yesterday on May 8th 2015. You can enjoy it and download it for free in their official Bandcamp page! Hopefully we will listen to something more complete from them soon.    

Otto Heinz von Rommel – vocals, lyrics
Mark Erskine – music, all instruments

Eternal Nightfall @ Facebook
Eternal Nightfall @ Bandcamp


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