UNHOLY MATRIMONY – Croire, Décroître

UNHOLY MATRIMONY – Croire, Décroître

Origin: Switzerland
Genre: Black Metal Melodic Black Metal
Label: Deepsend Records
Year: 2009

Unholy Matrimony is the third personal project of Vladimir Cochet, the man behind Mirrorthrone and Weeping Birth. With this band he explores his black metal side and he has already released 2 albums before the new one. He begun in 2000 and the first album “Love & Death” was out on 2002, followed by “Misologie” next year. Both works presented very melodic, yet melancholic, fast black metal with synths. I liked both albums very much and my only objection was the continuous blast beating and fake sound of the ultra-fast drumming.

Croire, Décroître” comes out 6 years after the last album and many things have changed… Unholy Matrimony sound darker, blacker and heavier than before. The tempo is slowed down and the production is unbelievably solid and powerful! They drums sound perfect and Vladimir’s improvement in them is more than obvious. Synths are now very discreet (maybe totally absent, I am not sure) and guitars do an amazing work generating many different soundscapes through various distortions and styles. At first I found this album less melodic than its predecessors, but the more spins I gave it the more I was dragged into it. The unusual song structures make them sound more complex than most progressive metal bands. But this seemingly random sequence in each composition is resulting in a very solid album, with a unique and very intense personality. Every single note, every single riff has a musical melodic quality that I cannot explain. He doesn’t use easy catchy melodies, but everything sounds so melodic! I am confused…

The lyrics are in French and in my opinion this language fits with the dark desperate atmosphere of the songs. Except for his black metal vocals where he sometimes uses some weird distortion filters, there are also some choirs. Despite the differences compare to his previous albums you can still understand it’s the same band thanks to the very special melodic sound they have. There are 8 tracks in this album, but it sounds like a big continuous song since beginning and ending of each song isn’t that obvious. Anyway the album lasts for 57 minutes and my personal opinion is that it would be better if it was a little shorter, since it demands your full attention and in the end it exhausts you…

Vladimir is a very skilled and gifted musician, able to have three different bands, all with a distinctive sound and to release 3 great albums in one year, one with each band. I totally recommend this album. You will be surprised by this dark progressive black metal opus… It is released by the American label Deepsend Records in a special double-wallet version. In his official pages you can get a taste of all of his albums and also links to his other bands as well.


Rating:  (9/10)

Unholy Matrimony @ Myspace

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