Origin: United Kingdom
Genre: Pagan Black Metal
Label: Bindrune Recordings
Year: 2009

England isn’t really known for its pagan black metal bands. Maybe it’s time to change this! A brilliant new band arises from there, offering us a mesmerizing debut album “Loss”. They were formed in 2005 and after two split releases in 2006 and 2008 they recorded their first full length album in Negura studios in Romania with the help of Negura Bunget members.

Wodensthrone play pagan black metal with an underground (but very good) sound. They begun as a more raw and primitive band, but eventually they evolved musically in a more melodic band. They use synths and acoustic guitars enriching their sound very much. There are times when they sound more raw and aggressive with rhythmic guitar riffing having the leading role and times when melodic (almost symphonic) keyboards dominate their sound. Of course there are also parts when synths are just in their background making their music more atmospheric. They use mainly brutal vocals full of sorrow and pain that fits so much their melancholic music. You will also find some tranquil instrumental parts, other times acoustic, other times almost ambient, where the band shows a more progressive experimental face. I would also like to comment that these acoustic parts are much better in quality than the majority of neo-folk / acoustic bands out there…

There is variety in their music and many changes inside the songs: there are 8 songs, 4 of them more than 10 minutes and the album is about 70 minutes long! “Loss” deals with dark aspects of British pagan antiquity and the band makes a true emotional confession. It seems to me like they have a “concentrated” experience in this work and it overflows in each music note… There is a dark melancholic folk mood in the songs, not only in the form of traditional instruments, but in the very essence of the music. Despite the rich orchestrations and unlike many bands of the genre, Wodensthrone definitely retain the basic black metal elements in their sound. There are many amazing breathtaking moments in their songs that “travel” the listener to other non-existing dimensions. Just close your eyes and enjoy…

The album is released by the American label Bindrune Recordings to 1000 copies with beautiful artwork made by Kogaion Art. Pagan metal fans shouldn’t miss this album. “Loss” is a real masterpiece as you can clearly listen in the songs on their Facebook or myspace page.


Rating:  (9/10)

Wodensthrone @ Facebook
Wodensthrone @ Myspace

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