ДРЕВЕНЬ reveal upcoming debut details

DREVEN - Under the Crown of the Eternal Tree

Russian pagan folk metal band Древень (Dreven) from Nizniy Novgorod will soon release its debut full-length album “Под Кроной Вечного Древа” via SoundAge Productions. The band was founded in 2012. The idea of the group’s name was the World Tree, which is present in the culture and traditions of the people of the world, a symbol of life, its continuation and revival. The creativity of Древень is an attempt to touch most of the roots and origins of Slavic cultures and the history of pagan Russia. In 2012 the band produced the first internet release demo album “Volnaya Staya“, recorded at their home studio. The upcoming debut album was recorded, mixed and mastered at Death Tone Studio (Arzamas city) by Anatoly “Barklay” Vladimirov (The Mutilator band). The cover of album is a work of Igor Ozhiganov, designed by Vladimir Prokophiev (Paint-It-Black Design). ”Под Кроной Вечного Древа” which translates to “Under the Crown of the Eternal Tree” is dedicated to Mother-Earth and goes back to pagan Russia.

1. Zachin (Зачин)
2. Veles (Велес)
3. Doroga (Дорога)
4. Volnaya Staya (Вольная Стая)
5. Legenda (Легенда)
6. Drevo (Древо)
7. Pozhnya (Пожня)
8. Solncevorot (Солнцоворот)
9. Rising Arrows (Gods Tower cover)

Древень @ Facebook
Древень @ VK


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