FORGOTTEN WINTER unveil upcoming album details


Portuguese epic atmospheric black metal band Forgotten Winter is releasing its third full-length album, entitled “Vinda” on June 26th, 2015 through SlowDriver Productions. “Vinda” (“Coming” in English) starts an epic journey that marks the beginning of a new Era, with five atmospheric long songs full of orchestrations, tribal drums and choirs in Velmaer dialect (a fictional language) with Portuguese narration. A story between the battle of Men and Hastuvv, the destroyed city Uldene, the three moons, their Gods’ acts and the arrival of the wise Velmaer. “Vinda” will be released only digitally at first, but there are also thoughts for a physical release on CD later. The beautiful cover artwork and album tracklist are already unveiled.

1. Uldene          
2. Névoa
3. Penumbra
4. Adamaele
5. Vinda

Eremita – keyboards, guitars and vocals
Trovador (aka J.Fausto) – keyboards, guitars, drums and percussion, backing vocals, clean singing & choirs

Special Guests:
Raúl Marques – bass
Andreia Figueiredo – choir singer (Tracks: Adamaele, Vinda)
Daniel Catarino – choir singer (Track: Vinda)

Forgotten Winter @ Facebook
Forgotten Winter @ Bandcamp


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