KARKAV reveal upcoming demo details

KARKAV - Winterfrost Karkav

Karkav is a new overseas Viking black metal band formed in February 2015 by Auztaroth (bass, keys, effects) from Poços de Caldas of Brazil, Funes (guitars, drums, effects) from Buenos Aires, Argentina and Hildr Valkyrie (screams and clean female vocals) from Athens, Greece. Karkav have announced the release of their debut demo “Winterfrost Karkav” in mid June 2015. The demo consists of 4 songs, speaking about cold winter winds and epic battles on blood stained snow covered landscapes. It includes a cover on Falkenbach’s “Baldurs Tod” and will be released in jewel acrylic CD-R by Infernal Rites Distro from Brazil. Karkav has revealed the album tracklist and the beautiful cover artwork painted by Auztaroth! You can get a first taste of “Winterfrost Karkav” demo by listening to the song “The Sun Reflecting Our Shields” below.

1. Intro
2. Winterfrost Karkav
3. The Sun Reflecting Our Shields
4. Baldurs Tod (Falkenbach cover)

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