SVARTBY unveil upcoming album details

SVARTBY - Swamp, My Neighbour

Russian fantasy folk metal band Svartby from Saint-Petersburg is revealing the first details of its upcoming album, entitled “Swamp, My Neighbour“. It is their fourth full-length album, recorded by Alexey Bolotov, who has recorded every release of Svartby since 2009, while mixing and mastering is by Hiili Hiilesma. “Swamp, My Neighbour” will be hopefully released in Autumn 2015 and the band is currently searching for a label. Svartby have already unveiled the cover artwork, by Dmitriy “Impaga” Isakevich, painted in the characteristic style of all their covers. Booklet design is by Ilya Novoselov. Album tracklist is also revealed, together with a brief summary of the lyrical concept…

1. Morbid Quag
2. Trojansk Råtta        
3. Goat Crack
4. Karl’s Egg Farm
5. Dead Boys
6. Iron Stone
7. Herbal Giants
8. Bog Bar
9. Den Svarta Honungen
10. Clock Tower
11. Eisenstein (bonus track)

Gnofkes – vocals
Lindwurm – guitars
Humla – guitars
Fjällräv – bass
Giftsvamp – keyboards, lyrics
Woopzy – drums

Lyrical concept:

The tale continues!..

Throughout stories told in previous chapters, our Svartby creatures got very lucky with struggling against peaceful peasant villages and having lots of fun. As they gained much experience, at some moment destroying yet another hapless hamlet is no effort at all. And that is boooooring! So, what’s next? And what’s about walls and towers which we behold beyond the pine tops…

A strong city requires quite an imaginative approach. You can’t head straight to the gates – well, it’s war, that will result in casualties, and casualties among Svartby folk ain’t no fun at all. So the masterminds of the Black Village made their choice: it will be a slow poisonous penetration rather than a dumbass attack.

We can’t bring a city in the forest, but we can bring a deadly slimy environment to the city walls: the swamp. This environment allows a vast field of activities and experiments: mutated plants and creatures, raised zombies, viruses, vapors and maladies… You bet it would be exciting“.

Svartby official page
Svartby @ Facebook
Svartby @ VK
Svartby @ Bandcamp


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