VAPOR HIEMIS unveil upcoming album details

VAPOR HIEMIS - Black Winter Tracery

Belarusian atmospheric techno EBM black metal band Vapor Hiemis has announced the release date of its second full-length album entitled “Чорны Арнамент Зімы“, which translates to “Black Winter Tracery“. Like their debut, the new album will be published by Der Schwarze Tod / Autodafe and its official release date is set for June 20th, 2015. The band promises more innovations in their music, with more traditional folk elements than before and a great combination of clean and screaming vocals. Almost all of their lyrics are in their native language, speaking about the beautiful Belarusian nature, traditions and mythology. Vapor Hiemis have already unveiled the cover artwork and the album tracklist, while in their official VK page you can listen to the album-titled track.

1. Ваўкалака замова
2. Ледзяная Пустэльня                           
3. Волат
4. Маршам Адвечнай Зімы
5. Вочы ў начы
6. Волчьими тропами
7. Мечом победы к вратам славы
8. Завіруха
9. Праклён
10. Спадкаемцы Багоў (bonus track)

Vapor Hiemis @ Facebook
Vapor Hiemis @ VK


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