ULGARD release new album

ULGARD - Songs for the Wanderer

American epic folk black metal band Ulgard, the personal project of Wiley H. Watson, has just released a folk, fantasy ambient, dungeon synth album, called “Songs for the Wanderer“. It is a collection of beautiful flute / harp soundtracks for your travels in isolated nature and ancient villages. And if you don’t travel, be sure that this album will take you in another world! The album is released digitally by the French label Endless Decrepitude Productions and the label needs your help to fund the physical copies of this release, scheduled for September 3, 2015! You can pre-order the album right now and make possible its release in a limited edition of 25 copies jewel-case CD, including a 4-page booklet with the amazing artwork by Patrice Hornstein! Check out the funding packages here. If the goal is not reached your money will be given back to you. ”Songs for the Wanderer” is dedicated to Christopher Lee, who passed away during the mastering of the album.

1. The Lore of the Shining Moon – 02:43
2. The Mist And the Fire – 07:58
3. The High Meeting – 01:38
4. Upon the Summer Well – 03:25
5. Cave Chant (The Heartbeat of My Ancestors) – 02:09
6. Elämän Ja Kuoleman – 01:39
7. Leaving the Shire – 02:37
8. The Journey of the Wind And Rain – 07:58
9. The Sacred Call of the Waves (Outro) – 03:00

Ulgard @ Facebook
Ulgard – Songs for the Wanderer @ Bandcamp
Wiley H. Watson @ Bandcamp


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