LLOTH official video for “Αθάνατη”

Hellenic black death metal Lloth would like to present the video-clip “Αθάνατη” (that means immortal in Greek), which is dedicated to Maria “Tristessa” Kolokouri.

Tristessa was the founder of Lloth (1995) and after of Astarte. The band has one LP with the name “Dancing in the Dark Lakes of Evil” (1997). After the rename of Lloth into Astarte, Lloth was activated again last summer and they were preparing a new record into black/death metal style. Due to Tristessa illness everything stopped. Maria is now gone from this world and the members of Lloth will honor her by continuing the legacy in her memory. ”Αθάνατη – Athanati” is a video with symbolisms about life and death and also for all these that Maria left behind, her legacy, musically and as human, through her fight for life.

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