ARANDU ARAKUAA reveal upcoming album details


Brazilian indigenous folk metal band Arandu Arakuaa has just revealed the first details from its upcoming second full-length album, entitled “Wdê Nnãkrda“, which means “tree trunk” in the Akwẽ Xerente language. The authors of the whole graphic concept of this work are the talented twins, Bianca Duarte and Natalie Duarte, idealizing of the project “Brasil Fantástico”. “Wdê Nnãkrda” is produced, mixed and mastered by Caio Duarte (Dynahead) and will be released independently in Brazil in the second half of 2015. Guitarist and composer Zândhio Aquino, talks about the album concept: “Wdê Nnãkrda for the people Akwẽ Xerente from Tocantins, Brazil means origins, roots, base… The reason that the body paintings of that people have strong vertical lines and unit like a log. A good example are the buriti logs, they have a trunk that holds standing. Tree trunk also reminds us of ancestry and connection with Mother Earth“. Except for the fantastic cover artwork, the band has also revealed the album tracklist, with the translation of song titles in English.

01. Watô Akwẽ (I’m indigenous in the Akwẽ Xerente language)
02. Nhandugûasu (Big Spider in the Old Tupi language)
03. Hêwaka Waktû (Black Cloud in the Akwẽ Xerente language)
04. Dasihâzumze (Brincadeira in the Akwẽ Xerente language)
05. Padi (Anteater in the Akwẽ Xerente language)
06. Wawã (Nightfall in the Akwẽ Xerente language)
07. Ĩwapru (My Blood in the Xavante language)
08. Nhanderú (Creator in the Old Tupi language)
09. Ĩpredu (Ancient in the Xavante language)
10. Sumarã (Enemy in the Old Tupi language)
11. Povo Vermelho (Red People in the Portuguese language)

Arandu Arakuaa official page
Arandu Arakuaa @ Facebook


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