DE PROFUNDIS – This Winter in My Heart

DE PROFUNDIS - This Winter in My Heart

Origin: Hungary
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal Avant-garde Metal Epic Black Metal Experimental Folk Acoustic
Label: Dark East Productions Margin Art Records
Year: 2014

De profundis is a Hungarian atmospheric black metal band from Szombathely, formed back in 2000, by Yzokras and Zoltan, the band’s only members since then. Unluckily, due to personal reasons, the band split up in 2001. They decided to reunite 7 years later, in 2008 and released the 4-track demo “Haunted By Ill Angels Only” in 2010. In 2013 the demo plus one song was re-released as a split tape with the demo of another Hungarian black metal band, Velm. Finally in the end of 2014 de profundis released their debut full-length album “This Winter in My Heart” as a cooperation of Dark East Productions and Margin Art Records (a Nihil Art Records sub-label).        

Having never listened anything from them, I was really surprised by the beauty and originality of their music! De profundis is far from the typical atmospheric black metal cliches, with a very variable and interesting sound. There are 11 songs totally in the album, lasting for about 50 minutes. It is not easy to describe their music since there are various influences in their compositions, ranging from melodic raw black metal, to atmospheric epic black metal, epic doom metal, avant-garde metal, acoustic folk, ambient, epic cinematic music, even to classical – neoclassical music… The “paradox” in their case is that they manage to combine everything in a really tight result. Of course there are many changes inside the album, both in tempo and music styles, but on the other hand there is also a very solid mood and atmosphere throughout the whole work: a dark melancholic, epic, nostalgic feeling, omnipresent in every note of “This Winter in My Heart“. Sometimes it’s the raw distorted riffs, the melodic lead guitars or the great solos that dominate their sound, other times it’s the epic synths, piano keys and acoustic instruments that take the lead. Everything is of equal importance. Several types of screaming vocals (not very extreme) are combined with epic clean male vocals and guest female vocals in a couple of songs, making the whole project even more interesting and theatrical. I’d also like to comment the use of trombone in a few parts. This wind instrument adds a very unusual heavy and deep tone in the orchestrations and I’d like to see it used more often. Most of the lyrics are in English, there are also several verses in Hungarian too, dealing with epic fantasy and nature related themes.

This Winter in My Heart” is released via Dark East Productions and Margin Art Records in a standard jewel-case edition CD, limited to 1.000 copies, coming with a 12-page booklet that includes all the lyrics. Cover art and logo is by Ronin, while the layout is by Simon Krisztián and the photos by Tóth József, Cserpnyák Elek and Fábián Gábor. If you are into melodic atmospheric black metal with epic avant-garde experimental mood, you better check de profundis. You can get a first taste by watching the official video for the track “Indulj el egy úton” from the album, or by following the links to their official pages below.


Rating: Rating 8,5-10 (8,5/10)

de profundis @ Facebook
de profundis – This Winter in My Heart @ Bandcamp


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