STWORZ reveal first details of upcoming album


As the works of the 4th full-length album from the Polish pagan metallers Stworz are nearing the end, the band has decided to present you the first details of its upcoming work. It will be entitled “Zagony Bogów“, which can be translated loosely to “Fields of Gods” and the album concept is dedicated to vernal symbolism of Nature’s rebirth and the journey of human souls. There will be totally 12 tracks in the album and Stworz have already unveiled the song titles. More info will be available soon.

1. Zagony Bogów (Fields of Gods)
2. Pług czasu (The Plough of Time)        
3. Maro, Maro
4. Przędza losu (The Yarn of Fate)
5. Perun jest mnogi (Perun is Multiplicitous)
6. Droga mleczna (The Milky Way)
7. Jaskółki (Swallows)
8. Czerwone jajeczko (Little Red Egg)
9. Nic ponad Bogów myśl i czyn (Nothing Beyond Gods’ Will and Deed)
10. Pieśń żerców (The Chant of [Heathen] Priests)
11. Pożegnanie Słońca (A Farewell to the Sun)
12. Szerokie pole (A Vast Field)

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