MERKFOLK reveal upcoming debut details

MERKFOLK - The Folk Bringer

Folk metallers Merkfolk from Lublin, Poland can finally reveal the first details of their upcoming debut full-length album, entitled “The Folk Bringer”. On the 14th of July 2015, the album will have its premiere in a big event for the band, as it will be released by Art of the Night Productions. Recording, mixing and mastering was done by Jacek Rachubik, while cover and layout is made by the band’s violinist Katarzyna Nowosadzka. There will be 14 tracks on “The Folk Bringer”, with over 50 minutes of music. It will include two songs from their debut EP, in slightly changed versions. This fresh CD will come with Merkfolk to Ragnard ROCK Festival in France and to their concert in Berlin with Skiltron. After 26th of July 2014, the album will be available in Poland.

1. Intro
2. Nananana
3. Wiła
4. Topielica
5. The Song of the Possessed
6. Instrumental
7. Weselisko
8. Meadows and Fields
9. Trust
10. Merkfolk
11. Śwagry
12. Wingstone
13. Postrzyżyny
14. Outro

Mery – vocals
Kacper – accordion
NoKa – violin
Irmina – electric guitars
Łukasz – bass
Baton – drums

Merkfolk @ Facebook
Art of the Night Productions @ Facebook


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