FIMBULTYR unveil upcoming album details and announce new single

FIMBULTYR - Oforgatlig Erinran

Swedish Viking black metallers Fimbultyr have announced the release of the single “Oförgätlig Erinran” on the 31th of July 2015! “Oförgätlig Erinran” is the first track of their upcoming full-length album “Niddikter” that will follow later this year. Together with the single there will be a music video for the song released on the same date. The single “Oförgätlig Erinran” serves both lyrically and in spirit as a reminder of the great God (Fimbultyr)! Oförgätlig Erinran means basically an “unforgettable reminder”! The upcoming album “Niddikter“, which is the second full-length of the band, will be released via Unexploded Records, hopefully until the fall of 2015. Music-wise this album includes songs that Fimbultyr both wrote a few years ago and new stuff that’s been written in cooperation with the new members of the band. So its old and new Fimbultyr mixed up to an awesome display of Norse rage and feeling! Lyrically the album deals with the Norse mythology and Viking world, as well as a Norse war cry. For example “Hedningens Tid” (Time of the heathen) is a battle cry for a new heathen era. “Bergtagen av Sorg” and “Själaberövad” use local Nordic mythology as their source material. “Balders Död“, “Av Resen Snärjd” (which is a continuation of the lyrics in “Gudars VedergällningSmilie: ;) deal with classic Norse mythology. The rest are basically a mix of Norse, local and historical events. Album tracklist is already revealed and the artwork will soon be finished.

1. Oförgätlig Erinran
2. Bergtagen av Sorg
3. Lindisfarne
4. Själaberövad
5. Balders Död
6. Av Resen Snärjd
7. Skåda Hels Arme
8. Hedningens Tid

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