DARA reveal debut album details

DARA - Dreptarul Viselor

Romanian alternative folk, post rock metallers Dara from Timisoara will release their debut full-length album “Dreptarul Viselor” via the Chinese label Pest Productions in the end of August 2015. Dara were formed in 2013 by musicians with a common professional background from the local scene. After leaving Negura Bunget, Fulmineos and Inia Dinia wanted to continue the collaboration, to develop some already existing ideas so they called for help of some musicians, who they knew from previous collaborations. They soon gathered a complete line-up and finished their debut album entitled “Dreptarul Viselor“, which can be translated as “Collection of Dreams” in English. Dara present a solid combination of folk, post metal and ambient, a personal mixture of feelings, experiences and intricate tales. The album will be released in a limited digipak edition CD with the wonderful artwork by Andrei Dragan.

1. Zorii Pleoapelor
2. Aur
3. Robii Slovelor de Veci
4. Bocetul Firii
5. Trei Peceti
6. Unde Desarte
7. Doda

DARA - band

Valentin Vizuroiu – vocals
Fulmineos – guitars
Inia Dinia – keyboards
Hanos-Puskai Péter – bass
Sergiu Catana – drums

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