RADOGOST reveal upcoming album details

RADOGOST - Dziedzictwo Gor

Polish folk metallers Radogost will release their new full-length album “Dziedzictwo Gor” on August 8th 2015 in cooperation with Art of the Night Productions. It is the fourth full-length album of the band and it will come out in standard jewel-case CD edition. “Dziedzictwo Gor” is a return to Radogost’s roots, to old times from their beginning. New sound in old flesh. There are 13 tracks totally, with 60 minutes of pure Radogost. According to the band, the lyrics of the album speak about: “our human steps, our ways of life and about our roots“. There are also 4 tracks with lyrics taken from the 19th century Polish dark-poet, Tadeusz Mićiński. Radogost have just unveiled the cover artwork and album tracklist.

1. Na Dnie Wielkiej Góry              
2. Raróg
3. Idę Wśród Gwiazd
4. To Płynie w Twojej krwi
5. Pożoga
6. Ponad Głębiami Czarnych Wód
7. Czarne Xęstwo
8. W Sercu Burzy
9. Oto Mej Duszy Świątynia
10. Ananke
11. Słowa Ze Stali
12. Dziedzictwo
13. Dalej wprost Przed siebie

Radogost official page
Radogost @ Facebook
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