ALPHAYN – Heimkehr

ALPHAYN - Heimkehr

Origin: Austria
Genre: Epic Death Metal Pagan Metal
Label: Self Released
Year: 2014

Alphayn is a new heathen metal band from Vienna of Austria. They were formed in 2013 by a group of friends, who remain together since the beginning, with only one line-up change. After a year of hard rehearsals and gigs, Alphayn started in 2014 the recording of their debut full-length album “Heimkehr” at Origin Audio Studio. The album was finally self-released on September 30th, 2014.           

The band has a really powerful and solid sound, quite impressive for a first record from a new band. Inspired by the local nature and Nordic mythology, Alphayn combine epic Viking death metal with pagan metal. Without any synths in their compositions, it’s the heavy guitars and powerful vocals that clearly dominate their sound. Most of the songs move in mid tempo and their music is based on their rhythmic epic guitar riffs. There are also several parts where they use melodic lead guitars and their sound comes closer to classic heavy metal, adding a quite interesting twist in their work. Drums have a very natural and powerful sound, while their massive bass guitars add ever more depth and heaviness in their orchestrations. Without any unnecessary show-off, Alphayn create a technical album, with a heavy dark epic atmospheric sound and a professional production. Their vocals are mostly brutal black death metal growls, following the epic rhythmic nature of their music, with very few clean male vocals. The truth is I’d like a bigger variety and melody in the vocals. I clearly prefer the more melodic moments in their compositions, but that’s just my personal taste. “Heimkehr” is a relatively short album, since its 10 songs last for a little less than 39 minutes. All of their lyrics are in German speaking about heathen themes, nature and mythology.

Heimkehr” is a quite promising debut from a young band that has put a lot of effort to release a decent album, working on every detail of its sound. If you are into epic pagan death metal and prefer the heavier darker works of this genre, then Alphayn deserves your attention. ”Heimkehr” is self released in a nice digipak CD edition with 12-page booklet, including all the lyrics. There is also a limited to 69 copies edition, including the digipak CD plus an Alphayn-plectrum, a sticker (5,2×7,4cm), signed booklet and a poster in high quality print (42×59,4cm). Cover artwork is by Fabrizio De Rossi and additional artwork by Tobias Gutlederer. You can visit the band’s official pages below for more details.


Rating:  (8/10)

Alphayn @ Facebook
Alphayn @ Bandcamp


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