FORGOTTEN WINTER – Dialectica Transcendental

FORGOTTEN WINTER - Dialectica Transcendental

Origin: Portugal
Genre: Symphonic Black Metal
Label: Nordsturm Productions
Year: 2009

“Dialectica Transcendental” is the debut album of this new band from Portugal. Forgotten Winter begun in 2004 and last year (2008 ), after two demos and a split cd, they released under the label Nekrogoat Heresy Productions the EP “Infinitas Estruturas do Desconhecimento”. Based on the aforementioned works, someone couldn’t expect many things from the band.

Luckily enough, their debut album is much improved. They play symphonic black metal and they also have some ambient songs. Their music is clearly based on melodic keyboards, which overflow their compositions. Synths are very dominant in their sound, while guitars and drums are mainly in the background, with vocals somewhere in between. There are also some acoustic melodic interludes in their songs, adding a bigger variety in their sound. All vocals are extreme black and they fit perfectly with their melancholic melodies. Lyrics are all in Portuguese, and they are about cosmic and philosophical themes, as far as I can tell.

Three of the seven songs are instrumental, a mixture of orchestral and ambient music, which I have to admit I found too long and not of the same quality with the “black metal” songs. There are already so many acoustic passages inside the songs and since their strong “card” is the combination of melody and black metal, I find these songs somehow unnecessary. Anyway, except for the intro, the mid-tro and the outro, the other compositions are very good, with many melodies and a very interesting sound, if you like dark symphonic extreme metal. Of course we are talking about an underground release, so don’t expect polished production, or real orchestral instruments… Overall “Dialectica Transcendental” is a very interesting release and judging from their vast improvement (compared to their previous works) I believe that Forgotten Winter is a very promising band that can give us even better albums in the future.

So, if you are into symphonic underground keyboard based black metal, “Dialectica Transcendental” might be for you. One of their members, J. T. Fausto, runs also Omitir, another interesting band from Portugal. Even though the long instrumental songs didn’t work for me, I didn’t take them in consideration in my grade, since the rest of the album is more than decent. If you think they will interest you, you can check their music on the links below.


Rating:  (8/10)

Forgotten Winter @ Facebook
Forgotten Winter @ Myspace

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