NÝR GATA debut album out soon

NYR GATA - Seraphim

German black death metal band Nýr Gata from Saarland will soon release its debut full-length album, entitled “Seraphim“. The album will be out in August / September 2015 as a cooperation between Dominance of Darkness Records and Narbentage Produktionen. Nýr Gata is the newest project of Sarghas and Nordmann, who are also behind Immorior, Nelandhir and Yarr. Nýr Gata’s debut album includes 9 songs with a playing time of 38 minutes and it will out in a standard jewel-case CD edition limited to 500 copies. The band has already unveiled the cover artwork and revealed the album tracklist. You can also watch an extended album trailer below and get a good taste of their music.

1. Gefangen in der Ewigkeit            
2. Hinab vom Lichte
3. Im Reich der Leere
4. Marter
5. Im Flammenregen
6. Cherubim
7. Acheron
8. In falscher Freiheit
9. Sohn des Hasses

Nýr Gata official page
Nýr Gata @ Facebook


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