FUNERAL ART release instrumental EP

FUNERAL ART - Orenyallo

Ambient doom black metal project Funeral Art from Guatemala has released its latest work, the instrumental EP “Órenyallo” on June 1st, 2015. Funeral Art is the personal project of Lord Marbas. They were formed back in 2007 and have already released 5 full-length albums. Órenyallo is a word in elvish language and it literally translates to “from my heart”. The recording of this EP started in 2014 with the collaboration of a guest saxophonist, Carlos Torre. “Órenyallo” is a sonic journey, which functions as trip to listen, as a mix between black metal, doom and ambient. It is an instrumental EP, but later it will be relaunched with more vocals and more songs. It would actually be Funeral Art’s next full-length album, entitled “La Belleza Oculta“, which translates to “The Hidden Beauty“. “Órenyallo” is a digital only release and you can listen to it in the band’s official Facebook profile, following the link below.

1. Intro
2. Órenyallo
3. Outro
4. Funeral Art (Remake – Bonus Track)

Funeral Art @ Facebook


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