MIASTHENIA – Legados do Inframundo

MIASTHENIA - Legados do Inframundo

Origin: Brazil
Genre: Pagan Black Metal
Label: Misanthropic Records Mutilation Productions
Year: 2014

Miasthenia, the pioneers of Brazilian pagan black metal, are back with their latest full-length album, entitled “Legados do Inframundo“. Formed in Brasília back in 1994, the band released 2 split albums and 2 demos before the debut full-length “XVI” in 2000, which was out via Somber Records. They released two more albums under the same label, “Batalha Ritual” in 2004 and “Supremacia Ancestral” in 2008. After 6 years of silence, interrupted by a live DVD, Miasthenia return with their fourth album, released in the Spring of 2014 via Misanthropic Records and Mutilation Productions.           

Since their beginning, Miasthenia revealed a quite melodic approach in their music, unlike most “extreme” North-American bands that prefer a much more “brutal” sound. Of course, the band has evolved a lot through the years and the rawer sound of their first works has given its place to a professionally produced crystal clear sound. Compared to its predecessors, “Legados do Inframundo“, which translates to “Legacies of the Underworld“, has a darker atmosphere. This is totally expected, since the album is inspired by the mythological cosmology of Ancient Mayas and it is a journey to Xibalba, the underworld gods of death, the kingdom of darkness and pain. Musically, Miasthenia continue on the same style they are working all these years: Pagan black metal, with many epic and symphonic elements. There are 9 songs totally in the album, lasting a little over 45 minutes, including a partly re-recorded edition of “Onde Sangram Pagãs Memórias” taken from their 2000 debut album “XVI“.

The band has done a remarkable work in the guitars. They have a very technical sound, with countless melodic guitar lines and rhythmic riffs, in great balance with their wonderful drums. Their melodic synths are ever-present in their orchestrations, adding an almost symphonic color to their songs. Miasthenia have chosen to give more “room” to their guitars and vocals however, leaving the synths somehow in the background, something that helps them have a more aggressive and clear sound. I find the overall balance in their sound ideal for this genre! Hécate does an amazing work with her characteristic extreme black metal screams, one of the band’s trademarks. Miasthenia seem a bit more experimental in this album. There are parts where their sound is much less “extreme”, close to modern technical metal, or a couple of songs where Hécate sings with her clean vocals too, especially towards the end of the album, adding a much more melodic touch in the whole work. Of course the majority of their music still moves in fast tempos, with a really epic, dark and grandiose atmosphere. As usual, all of their lyrics are in their native language.

Once again, Miasthenia  have released a quality work, deserving the attention of all melodic pagan black metal fans. “Legados do Inframundo” is one of the darker works of the band and it comes in a standard jewel-case CD with 12-page booklet, co-released by Misanthropic Records and Mutilation Productions. The obscure artwork and layout is by AbacrombieINK & Pestmeester. If you’ve never heard of this band, this album is the perfect way to start. You can visit the band’s official pages below and you can stream the complete album in their Bandcamp page.


Rating:  (8,5/10)

Miasthenia @ Facebook
Miasthenia @ Bandcamp


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