NATHYR release debut full-length

NATHYR - As the Legacy Unveils

Egyptian extreme progressive folk metal band Nathyr from the legendary city of Alexandria have recently released their amazing debut full-length album, entitled “As the Legacy Unveils“. The band combines Egyptian folk music and traditional instruments with technical progressive death metal and growling vocals, all presented under a great sound and a surprisingly good production for a first effort! ”As the Legacy Unveils” is available since July 17th 2015 for live streaming and download at no cost, through the band’s official pages. It will also be soon self-released by the band in CD edition too, hopefully in August 2015. Once a vision back in 1997, Nathyr turned into an allegiance in 2009, then to a final transformation in 2014. This group of men have chosen to portrait the vision that dominates their imagination and completely share it with the world. A fine morph of middle eastern sounds with some grinding riffs and some wailing grunts will be sure to send you to outer space!

1. The Lords of Wargasm – 09:09
2. A Diabolical Cane – 07:51
3. Attaghoot – 06:16
4. The Malignant Blight – 05:12
5. Ravagers of the Nether – 06:12
6. Mass Emancipation – 06:19
7. Aeons of Forays – 05:49
8. The Legacy That Never Fades – 06:56

Nathyr @ Facebook
Nathyr @ Bandcamp


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